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Monday, 10 February 2014

Previous Customers Photos of Her Furnished House

"Maria's Tudor Rose Apothecary"

I always love seeing what my customers have done with their houses and especially welcome receiving photos of them.

Maria's Tudor Rose at Miniatura Show March 2011.

The picture above shows the Tudor Rose house that was commissioned by a customer, Maria, who specifically requested the double height "|Great Hall" feature, and this was the first house I used it in and have now used it in almost all of the houses I have subsequently built. The house was a hybrid of my Deluxe Canterbury and Deluxe Rochester style houses, with the central stairs of the Canterbury being moved to the outside leading up to a first floor balcony as in the Rochester design, and being replaced with a hand painted Tudor Rose relief panel which was again Maria's choice and hence why she aptly named the house the "Tudor Rose".

I first met Maria back in December whilst exhibiting at the Kensington Dolls |House show where we briefly discussed what she was looking for. Over the coming months I started emailing her sketches of how I envisaged the house working, then on a regular basis throughout the build sent her emails containing photos showing it's progress.

The very first time Maria saw the completed house was when she walked into the hall at the NEC during the Miniatura show, and to this day I remember the look on her face and the bear hug she gave me to say thank you. Maria went on to explain that she had done research into the period and wanted to make it an Apothecary and was determined to make it as authentic as possible.

I delivered the house to her home a short while later and received the following photos in early February 2014, and can't believe its been 3 years since I delivered the house. It was fantastic at the time Maria first saw the house, then again when I delivered it and in a couple of emails since she has said it is her dream house but it was even better to receive the emails with these photos in with the following comment when I asked her if she minded me using these photos on my blog pages and my website:

" Hi Sure!!!! Use them wherever you want!!!! I am so proud of it!!!

I still have more to do but the rooms are all furnished and dolls sorted. i want to do more with the detail and fill the shelves etc with books and other items. More artwork I need to sort too!

I have learned a lot about the period so it wasn't just a matter of buying typical tudor period things but researching medieval times and studying in great detail the period.

I will send you more photos to update when I get more done!!!
Thank you so much for building my dream house!!!!! 
Its seeing the results of the work and efforts that my customers put in after getting their houses that make all of my work so worth while and rewarding.



Well done Maria it looks stunning.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I would like to recommend you. I hope you will post again soon.
    Kind regard
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  2. Absolutely glorious - the house and what Maria has created inside.
    Alison x