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Friday, 6 July 2012


For anyone who would like to build their own Tudor room box like the one featured here, I would be happy to teach you all the techniques and the skills required to do so on a one to one basis via emails.

I would supply you with a complete list of materials required and for the more unusual items such as the door ironmongery, electrical circuit board and spit roast fire I could give you a price for me to supply these to you.

For those who don't feel too confident using small power tools to cut all of the small pieces of timber to form the wall lights and brackets, I could also give you a price for me to make them all and send them to you.


We would work at your pace with me sending you detailed instructions complete with photographs via email at the various stages. 

You would be able to email me directly to ask any questions you have at any time, to which I would try to answer within 24 hours, so if you get stuck at any point you will not be held up for very long.

I would teach you all of the techniques required including how to make the wall lights, how to make the floor boards complete with joints and nail holes, how to form the exposed brickwork on the outside of the chimney, make all of the decorative support brackets, make the working door, how to plaster the chimney and the paving, and finally how to weather the outside of the box to make it appear aged.

I know there are lots of classes being held all over the country, but why leave the comfort of your own home to attend them when you can do it there. Not having to drag yourself out at a time thats convenient for someone else, but doing the work when it suits you, not at a set time for a couple of hours a week, but at time periods to suit you.

The finished room box can be used as it is with the flat roof on and you can fully furnish and accessorise it, or alternatively you could follow my instructions and build 2 more room boxes that stack on top of the first to form a finished 3 storey house.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries you may have regarding my online classes.


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