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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Stacking Tudor Room Boxes

In response to an enquirey I had in Dallas, I have started work on developing a system of individual room boxes which can be used as stand alone boxes complete with electrics, but which can be stacked one on top of the other to form a finished house.

The main beneifit of these boxes is so someone who wishes to start collecting but who doesn't want to wait until they have saved up enough money to buy a complete house can buy the first box and start to furnish and accessorize it straight away, and when they have saved up enough for the next box can buy that to add to it.

At this stage I have only completed the box for the base, which took me longer than I expected because I wanted to make sure it had as much detail as my finished houses do, whilst at the same time looking completely finished when the loose flat roof is removed. I didn't want all of the wires etc being visible, which is why I built it by constructing cavity walls. As it turns out this box has even more detail than my houses, with the angled wall beams on the inside walls being replicated on the outside complete with joining pegs to give the illusion of solid walls.

The ground floor room box has an electrical connection board fixed to the rear of it which has the capability of connecting the electrical wires from the next 2 boxes when they are stacked on top. For an additional cost I can even fit the remote control system to it.

 The room box has a plate rack on 3 walls and a fire complete with a pig on a spit fire.

 The other reason for developing this idea is because I intend teaching classes both here in the UK and in America, and this is something that I could easily teach someone with only basic skills to make.

I am working on a house at the moment, which I should finish in a couple of weeks, after which I intend to work on the next 2 room boxes so that I can have a finished house to display. So watch this space.


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